How much does it cost to use a tax relief company?

In most cases, the fee is non-refundable and often mysteriously reflects the amount of free cash the customer has available. Optima offers a variety of services that address tax issues, such as representation in audits, release of liens and liens, and the release of wage garnishments. You can get a free initial consultation, but actual research is the main effort to determine how big your problem is, why years and other details cost a few hundred dollars. Most companies that operate on a percentage basis have rates that range from 10 to 15% of their tax debt.

According to the IRS, transaction offers are only considered if you have reason to believe that the lowest amount is the maximum amount that can be collected “within a reasonable period of time,” making it one of the least commonly offered tax debt relief options. Research or discovery work, which involves giving the company legal access to its tax records and information to know how much it owes and to understand the problem. We chose companies that could handle federal and state tax issues and were available across the country. In addition to tax debt relief services, Community Tax also offers tax filing, accounting and business accounting services.

Tax relief companies, on the other hand, focus on finding alternatives for managing any existing tax debt you may have with the IRS or local tax collection agencies. It should be noted that they also offer assistance in applying for wage garnishment and tax release services that competitors do not usually offer. Minimum debt requirements and a fully bilingual service make Tax Defense Network a good option for people who need help with relatively small tax debts. Forget about tax resolution firms that want you to pay a percentage of your debt or a percentage of what they can save you.

If you don't have the money to pay your tax debt in a single payment, the IRS can offer you an installment agreement, or an installment plan, in which you pay your debt over time. You pay the tax professional an additional amount up front and they are committed to helping you resolve any tax audits that may arise in the future, usually up to three years. If you decide to enlist the help of a tax aid firm, choose one that has a strong reputation, certified staff (preferably tax attorneys), and competitive fees. Their 30-day money-back guarantee is also quite generous, since many, but not all, tax debt problems can be resolved within three to four weeks.

Although the term originally referred to policies aimed at reducing the tax burden on individuals and businesses, it is now often used to refer to payment plans, settlements (called commitment offers) and wage garnishments. The main requirement to be eligible for this type of relief is to have no penalties during the previous three tax years, although you must also have filed or at least applied for an extension of your current taxes. It should be noted that Optima has its own application that allows you to access free evaluations of any IRS collection notice you receive and also helps you request an extension of the tax filing deadline.